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2/25 - 3/1/2024 Barcelona

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2/25 - 3/1/2024
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Geotab provides telematics — vehicle and asset tracking — solutions to over 50,000 customers in 160 countries. For more than 20 years, we have invested in groundbreaking data research and innovation to enable partners and customers, including Fortune 500 and public sector organizations, to transform their fleets and operations. With over 4 million subscriptions and processing more than 75 billion data points a day, we help customers make better decisions, increase productivity, have safer fleets, and achieve their sustainability goals.


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Globertel started as a technology start-up in March 2009, with a leading edge product in Unified Communications, offered to telecom service providers globally. From around 2015, the company divested out of that business and shifted its focus to business development for other companies, which included helping foreign companies to setup business in Canada and/or run an existing subsidiary. From 2017 to 2022, Globertel was responsible for running the entire corporate affairs & international business development/expansion of a Swiss technology company out of Canada covering the Americas. We would like to expand on this experience and success (both for the company as well as for Canada), and offer our services to prospective international companies looking for international expansion, and to choose Canada as their base for the Americas and beyond!


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HaiLa is a fabless semiconductor company focused on ultra low power wireless connectivity. HaiLa's wireless solution utilizes existing wireless infrastructure, is protocol compatible and required no new infrastructure. Our first chips are Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz focused on IoT applications.
In-Sec-M, the Canadian Cybersecurity Cluster, is an organization that brings together the players in the cybersecurity ecosystem (companies, research centers, governments, etc.) to support the innovation, growth and outreach of the Canadian cybersecurity industry, nationally and internationally.
Incognito's productized service orchestration platforms allow cable, fibre, and fixed wireless broadband service providers to manage in-home, enterprise, and IoT devices and services, bringing extensive automation and analytics to reduce operational costs and improve QoE.

Jones Microwave Inc.

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JONES MICROWAVE is a Canadian startup that develops innovative technology solutions to enable high-frequency, high-power, and high-speed solid-state mmWave to sub-THz performance for communication and radar applications in 5G/6G telecommunication, defence, satellite, and instrumentation markets.
The device prevents loss of smartphones and keys by attaching the device onto your key chain then pairing it with your smartphone and then setting the range on the device that you want to gravitate away from your phone or keys . Once the set distance has been surpassed a notification alarm will sound alerting the user that they have left behind their smartphone or keys .

Kloudville Inc.

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Kloudville was founded by telecommunications industry veterans with over 30 years' experience building, deploying and operating BSS and OSS software within the industry. We are the same people behind ConceptWave (Order and Catalog Management), which was acquired by Ericsson in 2012 and remains a key product in their BSS offerings. ConceptWave products are currently deployed at over 75 operators around the globe. We also founded Objectel (an award-winning network inventory product), which remains to this day part of Oracle OSS suite.


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LatenceTech offers a solution for analyzing, monitoring, forecasting and optimizing the quality of service of public and private 5G/WIFI7 networks with a particular focus on very low latency connectivity. Using SAAS and GenAI, our solution analyzes network quality and response times in real time in order to better support connected innovations.

Lime Group

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Lime Group provides an in-depth strategic business consultancy, advisory services and unique products to help with Digital Transformation Services in FinTech and E-commerce space. Our team is committed in bridging gaps to reduce technical & business challenges, manage end-to-end processes.

Linkwave Wireless Solutions

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Linkwave Wireless is a young and dynamic engineering company that specializes in the design, delivery and maintenance of wireless networks. We commit to earn our clients’ trust by adhering to our core values: honesty, integrity, perpetual learning and hard work.


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Based at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), Magnet is Canada's only Digital Community Workforce System. Magnet connects labour market supply and demand to support the vision of an effective and well-coordinated employment and training system in partnership with a community of government, employment, industry, and enterprise organizations. Magnet’s innovative approach brings together various technologies, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving digital solution that inclusively connects organizations and businesses with talent and abundant opportunities.

Maka Health

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Personalized. Preventative. Regenerative.
Maka Health accelerates personalized wellness for individuals and organizations. Our technology-enhanced health practitioner team engages directly with each of our members to enhance vitality, longevity and performance.


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Maplewave, a trailblazer in telecom software solutions, excels in unifying retail, supply chain, and self-service into a single, efficient platform. Our expert consultancy transforms telco operations worldwide, ensuring cost-effective, omnichannel customer experiences.


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Mercku is a provider of award-winning wireless connectivity and smart home solutions built on proprietary technology. It works with ISPs to provide customized and powerful Wi-Fi connectivity devices with a smart application platform to add value-added services like cyber security, gaming, or advanced monitoring.

Backed by decades of wireless networking expertise and an award-winning design team, Merku offers a full suite of connectivity solutions ranging from design routers to cloud-based solutions and integrations with industry-leading technology

Micro Engineering Tech Inc.

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Gulo Gulo delivers a versatile navigation system for autonomous vehicles, adeptly adapting to varied environments and upholding rigorous safety standards under tough conditions. METI retains complete intellectual rights for Gulo Gulo's navigation tools. They are currently patenting breakthroughs in 5G, LIDAR, Imagery, HD mapping, and RADAR positioning. Steered by global navigation and HD mapping experts, METI has undergone real-world testing and is now emphasizing B2B commercialization and validation.


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mimik stands at the forefront of the future of cloud computing, strategically positioned as an indispensable provider of the hybrid edge cloud (HEC) development platform. As industries pivot towards comprehensive digital transformation, our platform is an essential catalyst, streamlining time to market, optimizing cost efficiency, and ensuring scalability, interoperability, data privacy, and security. Crucially, in the era of AI and autonomous operations, empowering all computing devices with server capability becomes imperative, and mimik’s platform is uniquely designed to meet this demand. Supporting a vast spectrum of operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, QNX, Android Auto, Raspbian, and OpenWRT, as well as smart IoT freeRTOS sensors, our platform seamlessly integrates with both private and public clouds, embodying the vision of next-generation cloud infrastructure. Embracing mimik not only enables businesses to establish direct, efficient connections across smart devices but also ushers in a paradigm shift in operational efficiency while substantially cutting backend integration expenses. The future of computing is here, and it’s powered by mimik.
To learn more, visit, and for developers


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Miovision provides cities with modern tools to fix today’s traffic problems. We offer solutions that collect multimodal traffic data and uncover actionable insights, helping municipalities get more out of their road network.
Depuis 1997, les Missions commerciales de l’Université Laval, un organisme à but non lucratif, offrent aux entreprises québécoises un service professionnel de représentation à l’international.

Nos agents de développement ont soutenu le développement d’affaires de centaines d’entreprises québécoises avec brio grâce à notre approche pratique et nos formations en vente et en commerce international. Le professionnalisme, le travail d’équipe et la détermination sont les mots d’ordre qui guident nos agents de développement vers le succès.

Since 1997, Université Laval’s Trade Missions, a non-profit organization, has offered Québec businesses a professional international representation service.

Our development officers have successfully supported the business development of hundreds of Québec businesses with our practical approach and our training in sales and international trade. Professionalism, teamwork and determination are the watchwords that guide our development officers on the pathway to success.

MYND Therapeutics

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MYND is a consumer health technology company that develops digital therapies to prevent, treat and manage chronic diseases such as obesity and mental health conditions. MYND's neurobehavioural therapies are based on years of research, proven clinical methods, AI, VR/AR/XR, and gamification.