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2/25 - 3/1/2024 Barcelona

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2/25 - 3/1/2024
Duration: 6 Days
Barcelona, Spain
Fira Gran Via
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Rigstar Industrial Telecom

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Rigstar Industrial Telecom is a leading provider of specialized telecommunication solutions tailored to the unique needs of industries and communities that operate in urban and challenging environments. Rigstar has established itself as a trusted partner in delivering reliable communication services.

Shabodi Corp

Networking Profile
At Shabodi, we are driven by a single, clear vision: To enable a reality where networks go beyond connectivity. We believe next-generation networks (LTE/5G/Wi-Fi 6, etc.) are more than just a pipe – they are an intelligent asset waiting to be unleashed. Our Application Enablement Platform (AEP) empowers developers, engineers, and businesses to seamlessly create and deploy high-performing network-aware applications, maximizing advanced network ROI and creating new revenue streams.

Shape Immersive

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At Shape Immersive, we create the world’s top virtual flagship stores, gamified brand experiences, and 3D eCommerce solutions. We are an award-winning AI and 3D studio that helps leading brands like Sephora, Red Bull, Olympics & Coca-Cola, connect with Gen Z and Gen Alpha, developing next-gen digital channels and communities.

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We help organizations optimize business processes to drive operational efficiencies. Leverage our AI products to improve operations across teams, from customer service to accounting to data migration and beyond. Streamline your IT project execution with our AI-enhanced professional services.
Sinclair Technologies, a division of Norsat International Inc, is a leading designer and manufacturer of antenna and RF signal conditioning products, systems, and coverage solutions. Sinclair products are used extensively in public safety and private industry communication networks.

SmartONE Solutions Inc

Networking Profile
SmartONE has created a new product category, the smart community, by connecting together smart homes in multi-family residential developments, offering security, sustainability, and convenience.   
Telecom providers bundle SmartONE technology with Internet service to deliver smart communities.
Smoothtalker - Mobile Communications Inc.

Canadian manufacturer (since 1996).

3G, 4G, LTE & 5G cellular signal boosters for:
Vehicles – car/van/truck/rv/rail/bus
Home and building (residential, commercial, industrial)

Smoothtalker Booster solutions get cellular devices connected in the most remote areas.

Increase signal strength, reduce dropped calls, increase data speeds.

Solace Power Inc.

Networking Profile
Solace Power develops next-generation wireless power solutions that enable a world of new, previously unachievable products. In telecommunications, Solace’s patented technology enables rapid, low-cost deployment of 5G and ONT CPE.

SpaceBridge Inc.

Networking Profile
SpaceBridge Inc. is an established supplier of broadband satellite communications systems, technologies and infrastructure. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, the company develops and provides VSAT platforms, satellite network solutions and managed services.

SPARK Microsystems

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SPARK Microsystems is building next generation short-range wireless communication devices. SPARK UWB provides high data rate and very low latency wireless communication links at an ultra-low power profile, making it ideal for personal area networks (PANs) used in mobile, consumer and IoT-connected products. Leveraging patented technologies, SPARK Microsystems strives to minimize and ultimately eliminate wires and batteries from a wide range of applications.

Sparkgeo Consulting Inc.

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Sparkgeo is a geospatial consultancy and software services company that delivers bespoke solutions and modernizes infrastructure, allowing clients to map, measure and monitor the natural and manufactured world and gain insights into their opportunities and challenges from a geospatial perspective.

Speer Technologies Inc.

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Speer builds and designs innovative digital solutions with intellectual property that can be protected. Our team of top tech talent will develop your product with the proper compliance and approvals to expand into new markets and with a design system and quality code that can grow with the company.

Star Solutions

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Star Solutions is a leading manufacturer supplier of complete end-to-end 2G to 5G mobile network solutions. Star Solutions has designed and developed unique mobile network solutions with special focus on Rural/Remote, Enterprise and Rapid Deployment/Disaster Recovery applications. The company has deployments in over 30 countries and in over 600 private mobile networks across many industries including Maritime, Mining, Agriculture and Forestry.


Networking Profile
Stratotegic is an industry leader in developing advanced AI for stratospheric systems tailored for the upcoming quantum communication cellular industry. Beyond its advanced proprietary flight control systems for High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS), Stratotegic is renowned for offering specialized flight coordination and air traffic control services for HAPS globally. With experience spanning over 90 countries and six continents, Stratotegic is pioneering the future of global airspace operations for stratospheric unmanned flight for high-altitude communications.


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Symend, the world’s only Conscious Engagement solution, creates lasting customer relationships through digital experiences that are personalized to the individual. Symend empowers businesses to drive meaningful outcomes through the integration of behavioural science within customer engagement.

Networking Profile, based in Montreal is one of the largest job search websites in the world


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Over the last decade, we have assisted clients from a wide range of industries in investments and implementing go-to-market strategies in more than twenty countries on five continents. Tattica Group specializes in providing high-quality, results-oriented business advice to companies and government agencies with international mandates. To ensure your success and help you forge fruitful business partnerships in Canada and abroad, we will use our expertise to meet your specific needs and accompany you every step of the way.
TEKTELIC Communications is a leading supplier of LoRaWAN® IoT gateways, sensors, and end-to-end solutions. Its products are designed to work right out of the box, requiring minimal technical expertise on the part of the end user. This ease of deployment and reliability makes TEKTELIC solutions unique. TEKTELIC has extensive experience with custom IoT products and is the leader in developing end-to-end solutions for a variety of industries. The products of the company are designed for Carrier Grade performance, reliability, and universal compatibility. The range of products offered by the company covers all ISM frequency bands and can be deployed easily.


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TelcoBridges is a leader in the design and manufacture of carrier grade, high performance, and high-density Session Border Controllers and VoIP media gateways which bridge telco operators. TelcoBridges and its Alliance Partner Program partners have deployed TelcoBridges solutions, with remote or onsite installation, as well as personalized 24/7 support in more than 100 countries worldwide.


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Teldio helps customers operating professional digital radio and video security networks protect their people, property and places. We operate best in Motorola Solutions environments. Proudly Canadian.