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2/25 - 3/1/2024
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Networking Profile
Backed by a legacy of engineering excellence, reliability and industry-leading customer service, Telesat has grown to be one of the largest and most successful global satellite operators. Telesat works collaboratively with its customers to deliver critical connectivity solutions that tackle the world’s most complex communications challenges, providing powerful advantages that improve their operations and drive growth. Telesat Lightspeed, our Low Earth Orbit network will revolutionize global broadband connectivity by delivering a combination of high capacity, security, resiliency and affordability with ultra-low latency and fibre-like speeds.

Telna Inc.

Networking Profile
Telna offers a comprehensive global cellular connectivity platform to MNOs, CSPs, and OEMs. With partnerships with over 800 radio network operators in 180 countries, we provide seamless integration, local breakout, and cloud-based solutions for millions of devices, spanning 2G to 5G and LTE-M.


Networking Profile
We provide an IoT cloud-centric approach to spectrum monitoring & intelligence that provides a richer characterization of spectrum usage at a fraction of a cost of existing tools. SXM provides ultimate spectrum visibility to mobile operators and empowers them to optimize and utilize their networks.
TierOne is an innovative software company, showcasing a proven ability to deliver an unparalleled service delivery and assurance ecosystem, irrespective of network type, service complexity, or offered services. Our solutions serve as the driving force, enhancing service delivery efficiency, modernizing operational systems, and ensuring seamless customer services through cutting-edge business automation powered by our patented technologies. Our best practices not only minimize customer service disruptions but also guarantee reliable solutions, ultimately elevating the overall customer experience.

Transformers Academy

Networking Profile
Our AI-driven platform transforms boring manuals into comprehensive courses in minutes. For businesses seeking more effective employee training, we offer Transformers Academy platform, which optimizes course creation 10x faster through auto-generating videos, images, and assessments. Built-in gamification enhances employee retention, satisfaction, and engagement.
As part of the University of Toronto, the Rotman School of Management is Canada’s leading business school . It is home to some of the most innovative research institutes in the world, world-renowned faculty and boasts an impressive network of global partnerships in a variety of academic, corporate and community sectors.


Networking Profile
We are a next-generation technology services company specializing in developing products, platforms and solutions in Data & Artificial Intelligence (“Data/AI”), Engineering R&D (“ER&D”) and Digital Product Engineering (“PES”).

Viewpoint AI Inc.

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ViewpointAI brings measurability, predictability and repeatability to collaborative Human/AI decision-making.

Viewpoint AI is a collaborative AI platform that empowers human decision-making over multiple sectors where decisions are high-stakes. The platform accelerates teams to find consensus, and get to the best possible decision fast. Currently, it is impossible to efficiently process vast amounts of complex information fast and as a result money is lost, time is wasted and opportunities are missed. Viewpoint AI solves this problem by capturing the expertise of the smartest people, organizes data, learns what is important and makes increasingly better suggestions.

Viion Systems Inc.

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Viion Systems Inc. has over 50 years of collective expertise in computer vision and road safety, from ALPR, speed, and red-light detection to advanced AI detections like seatbelts, vehicle occupancy, and helmet detection. Viion’s smart cameras, powered by our proprietary deep learning AI algorithms suite, ensure real-time monitoring and edge intelligence as cost-effective solutions. These solutions are designed for urban and remote locations, thanks to their 4G/LTE cellular connectivity and solar operation capabilities, enabling widespread implementation for comprehensive road safety. As a leader in low-power, LTE-connected camera technology, Viion is dedicated to delivering intelligent, versatile, and cost-effective traffic management solutions.

Warranty Life

Networking Profile
We are innovating insurance analytics by harnessing app data for precision risk assessment. Insurance underwriting is dependent on manual customer data points reducing reliability and limiting the customization of policies. We have innovated a mobile app technology to collect real-time user data that customers are incentivized to keep on their phone in perpetuity that leverages their mobile phone insurance program to unlock new markets for telecoms.


Networking Profile
WeavAir is a Canadian company that offers a business intelligence & remote audit software for energy efficient, low carbon and safe operations. The company has paying customers across Canada, Singapore, South Korea and Japan and it received over 20 awards in North America, Asia, and Europe. It is led by domain and technical experts, received investment from Techstars and is recognized by multiple global awards and accolades.

Wedge Networks Inc.

Networking Profile
Wedge is a cybersecurity software vendor specializing in Real-time Threat Prevention. With numerous patents and industry awards, its products are distributed through MSPs, OEMs, VARs and SIs. Wedge is headquartered in Calgary, Canada with international teams in the North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East and North Africa.

WelTel Incorporated

Networking Profile
WelTel Health, a scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, revolutionizes healthcare communication with a patient-centric focus. Offering robust digital outreach tools, it enhances patient follow-up & outpatient management, medication adherence, retention in care, and overall care quality. As the first program globally to use interactive text messaging with patients to improve health outcomes, WelTel's platform combines world-leading scientific validation and sophisticated software engineering to build intuitive innovations that are improving health and strengthening care delivery. As a multilingual, communications-focused solution, it can support diverse communities and geographical locations while improving health outcomes in any clinical condition. WelTel provides a comprehensive package that includes multimodal communications (text, voice, video, secure chat etc.), combined with a suite of features to support integrated clinical management, data capture and reporting including health indicators & patient reported outcomes, data residency & security, installation & integration support, and a wide range of customizable adaptations. WelTel's advanced AI tools yield profound insights into human health behavior, optimizing care for those in need.

Wesley Clover International

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Wesley Clover is a private, global investment management firm and holding company. Under the direction of founder, Chairman and serial technology entrepreneur Terry Matthews, the focus is to fund and grow successful technology companies. More than 100 firms have been created to date. Early data networking giant Newbridge Networks, and current global business communications leader Mitel are particular highlights. In total, more than 140 founders have been backed by Wesley Clover, with more than $1.0B in direct investment. The portfolio has produced 20 IPOs, slightly more than that number of exits via acquisition, and more than $3.5B in public returns.

The portfolio regularly has more than 40 investments under active management around the globe, including start-ups in the incubation stage, first-product firms in the accelerator phase, and more mature companies that trade publicly. All are committed to next-generation Cloud and SaaS applications for fixed and mobile communications, video analytics, security, customer engagement, business enablement and more. Deal flow includes companies within the Enterprise SaaS Accelerator, L-SPARK, which Wesley Clover formed in partnership with local government and other parties in 2014, as well as the Alacrity Global Ecosystem of technology partnership funds which have been deployed in at least ten countries. Mature funds have active companies in local portfolios, and newer locations are formalizing the partnerships and operations required to start first cohorts.

XipLink Inc.

Networking Profile
XipLink, a pioneer in wireless link optimization, is leading the way to multi-path and multi-orbit hybrid networking. XipLink’s award winning XipOS software seamlessly integrates satellite, cellular, and terrestrial networks using industry standard SCPS TCP Acceleration, advanced link bonding / balancing, Traffic Steering, QoS and Encryption to deliver a significantly improved user experience over stressed communication links. XipOS is successfully deployed in many vertical industries including maritime, military, cellular backhaul and telco infrastructure. XipLink is a privately-owned company with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec (Canada), integration facilities in Ashburn, Virginia (USA) and field personnel worldwide. For more information about XipLink please visit

Zenith System Solutions

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Zenith System Solutions is a leading Systems Integrator provides E2E Services of development, integration, implementation, testing and migration services specializing in telecom domain. We specialize in BSS/OSS, cloud, digital transformations, AI/ML, analytics and customer experience domains.


Networking Profile
ZeroKey is a high-growth tech company that invented Quantum RTLS, a world-leading industrial real-time location system that provides 1.5mm 3D positioning accuracy. By digitizing physical processes with hyper-accurate location technology, ZeroKey is revolutionizing industrial environments globally.